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'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.' (Mahatma Gandhi)

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'Momma’s Gone, Goodbye'
Rod Neil's jazz band, Here We Go Again at Farouk's Olive, 18/10/15

'When a Lady Meets a Gentleman Down South'
Rod Neil's jazz band, Here We Go Again at Farouk's Olive, 18/10/15
The Rascals of Rhythm
Recorded at Hall’s Gap, 2015, in the Town Hall.

'Washington & Lee Swing'
Barham 2013 (Kazoo)

Well – I was dancing; the audience, meanwhile, were having breakfast – or walking in front of the video recorder ... it was only 9.30 am! This was recorded in the Hall at Barham Jazz Festival – our thanks to Glenyss Bourne.

'Georgia Grind'
Barham 2012 (Vocals)
The first Frilly Knickers video to go up on YouTube. This is a fave of mine: 'She shakes it east, she shakes it west, but 'way down south is where she shakes it best,' - what's not to like?

'My Little Himbo Down on the Hambone Isle'
Barham 2012 (Vocals)

This is a tune I have heard played by many bands, including Frank Johnston’s Fabulous Dixielanders here in Melbourne in the 1950’s. It was popularised by Aileen Stanley in 1920 - when bimbo obviously had a different meaning, way before Paris Hilton and the Kardashians. I have put my own twist upon it ...

'Do Your Duty'
Barham 2012 (Vocals)

A great Bessie Smith number, telling her man to get it together – to shape up or ship out! What a woman.

'Cakewalkin’ Babies From Home'
Wesley Anne 2012
A popular number guaranteed to get the toes tapping – Bessie sang this one too. Covered by such jazz luminaries as Clarence Williams (sung by Eva Taylor) and Turk Murphy, (sung by Clare Austin).